About Us

What we are

We Star Construction have worked hard to build residential and commercial projects that delight our clients. The firm has gone from strength to strength, building on its local reputation for producing projects of all natures to exacting standards.

Our experienced and dedicated team of full-time employees form the backbone of our business.

Star Construction project is overseen in their entirety by an experienced site manager. All the elements of the build process are drawn together to create a smooth transition from the drawing board to completion. By recruiting trusted specialists to work alongside the core team for each individual project, Star Construction make it possible for clients to realize any vision with the knowledge that the work will be completed to the highest standards, and that good communication will be key at every stage.

This enables Star Construction clients to budget effectively and confidently and to enjoy the process of their build with a clear anticipation of the desired end product.


Why choose us


To provide the highest level of quality materials, service and workmanship in all areas of every project.


To provide a high-quality product while maintaining a fair price. To give each client the best value possible for the financial investment in their home.

Client Serving

According to Star Construction, Customer is the King. To establish an everlasting relationship with clients through trust and transparency by ensuring the maximum appreciation in cost and quality by providing comfortable living solutions.

Our Passion

We have proven as one of the top builders in Tamilnadu by ensuring that all our projects are done with utmost professionalism using quality materials while offering clients the support and accessibility.